Data Collection Plugins

Data collection is accomplished through 'plug-ins', which are separate software modules that interface with the core eFTIR program. Data collection plug-ins for supported instruments can be downloaded from this page.

If you are an instrument manucturer, we are always open to having new partners and supporting more instruments.

Name Link to Setup program Instructions
Midac 'Streamer' Network Interface (2015) setup_midac_streamer_interface.exe Installing the Midac Streaming Interface instrument
Midac Network Interface (pre-2015) setup_midac_network_interface.exe Installing the Midac Network Interface instrument
Midac PCI / PCMCIA Interface setup_midac_pci_pcmcia_instrument.exe Installing the Midac PCI/PCMCIA instrument.
Interspectrum USB FTIR setup_interspectrum_instrument_v17.exe For interfacing Essential FTIR to Interspectrum FTIR instruments. See this page of installation instructions.
Mattson Instruments FTIR setup_mattson_instrument.exe Supports all Mattson spectrometers with a Serial interface.
Buck Scientific M530/M500 Dispersive IR setup_buck_instrument.exe Information about this instrument is available here
ASAP Analytical IRE-1 setup_IRE_instrument.exe Information about the IRE-1 Infrared Engine is available here. See this page of installation instructions.